Meet the Pastors

Pastors Brian & Teri Donager have lived their entire lives in East Central Minnesota until God began revealing a plan for their lives in 2011. Through a series of scripture, dreams, visions and confirmations from God; they made several trips out to the Idaho area.
Then in 2013 Pastor Brian & Teri moved to the Coeur d'alene/Post Falls area following the leading God gave them two years earlier. After settling into the area and finding a home, they founded Harvest Field Ministries Inc. out of their home.
Pastor Brian & Teri are blessed to have an affiliation to AFCM and are graduates of the AFCM International Training Center which is an experience that has helped them move forward in what God has planned for their lives. Their home church - Word of Life Ministries in Princeton, MN blessed their move and has helped to create a bridge to their Minnesota ministry through Biblical resources, prayer, mentorship, and life long friendships that have developed into a strong support system. For questions about what we believe as a Church please use the "What we Believe Link"

The Vision

The basis for Harvest Field Ministries is - the harvest, the lost and the people who just can't stand the "norm" of Christianity - Harvest Field Ministries was founded on the precept that we can live a holy life through sanctification, the renewing of our minds, and through healing by God. We believe in removing the labels from people tearing down the walls that separate us from God and letting Him come in for healing and restoration.

Harvest Field Ministries flows in what we have called a "How to Ministry". The "how to ministry" defines how do we carry out this life like the Bible says we can. Meaning this, we should be able to walk away after a service understanding how to apply what was preached into our own lives and make wise decisions on how to walk it out. 

Another area we focus on is physical and spiritual well being. We all can agree that if anyone has lived a day on this earth you have been hurt by someone somewhere. These hurts have either lead you to God or away from Him, either way the pain you are feeling overcomes you and causes problems in relationships and other areas of our lives. Our focus is to make a safe environment for God to move and heal these areas of pain.

Matthew 11:28 Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy-laden and overburdened, and I will cause you to rest.